How to choose the best capper in sports betting?

Our website employs high-level prognosticators who have repeatedly proven their professionalism in practice. The most interesting thing is that the portal publishes sports forecasts from its privateers completely free of charge.

Daily on the site you can find forecasts not only for the main sports (football, hockey, tennis, basketball), but also for less popular markets (Formula 1, snooker, American football, etc.), which allows you to increase the chances of winning due to the advantage over betting analysts.

If suddenly the forecasts of our privateers do not pass or for some reason you just do not like them, feel free to write in the comments on the site, because not only praise is important for us, but also constructive criticism, as it will improve the work and increase your profit.

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What is privateering and who are cappers?

If you have ever encountered the concept of “privateering”, then this article will be interesting for you. We will tell the whole truth about people who call themselves cappers, and help you figure out what they do. Let’s open our eyes to the dark sides and reveal all the tricks of unscrupulous forecasters, which they use to deceive naive players. Read our material and learn a lot of new things!

Capper is a person who is professionally engaged in sports betting and regularly makes a profit not only from his own bets, but also from selling his forecasts to other players. In the scientific literature and many Internet sources, they are also called handicappers, so do not be alarmed if you find this word in our text, or somewhere else.

Not all cappers provide their services for money, some do it for free, for personal reasons or other reasons.

Privateering is the professional activity of a betterer who is well versed in sports betting and earns money by betting in bookmakers or selling his predictions to other players.

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Why do you need a capper job in sports betting?

Many people intuitively have the word “capper” causes a negative, they associate it with deception or fraud. This is not surprising, because usually they talk about privateers only when someone has thrown someone for money, and when everything is fine, they are not remembered.

So what is his job? Capper is a person who is well versed in sports betting and makes money on it. A privateer analyzes sports events better than ordinary players, makes bets correctly and on time when the odds are as favorable as possible, and most importantly, he consistently makes a profit. The essence of the privateer’s work is to profitably use his knowledge in sports and apply it in betting.

Sometimes players cannot analyze a sporting event on their own and make the right bet, then they turn to professional privateers who help them, usually for a fee.

How do cappers cheat?

As in every profession, there are unscrupulous people in sports betting who profit from the trust of players. To perceive all forecasters as scammers is not worth it, but if you associate your relationship with them, once again make sure they are not deceiving you.

The most common ways of cheating:

100% result guarantee;
guarantee that the match is contractual;
extortion of money in excess of the original agreement;
disappearing after receiving the money.

There are more sophisticated methods of deception, but they all lead to the same goal – to extort as much money as possible from the “victim” by any possible means.

How not to become a victim of “black” privateers?

In order not to fall for the bait of unscrupulous forecasters, you need to remember a few “golden” rules:

1. In sports, no one can give a 100% guarantee of the outcome of a match. If there are people who purposefully influence the outcome of the fight, they will never share this information with you for “pennies”.

2. Match-fixing naturally exists, but only a narrow circle of people close to this sporting event knows about it. If the forecaster from whom you buy the forecast knew such information, he would not sell the forecast for several thousand, but would put everything he has.

3. If you still decide to buy a forecast from a privateer, you need to clearly specify all the conditions for the price before the start of cooperation. If a privateer starts asking for or luring money after the initial agreements– he is a fraudster and it is not worth working with him.

4. If it so happened that after the transfer of money, the privateer disappeared, do not hesitate – immediately contact the law enforcement agencies, write a statement, telling in detail about the situation that occurred. There is nothing to be afraid of and conceal, there is no violation of the law in your actions!


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Criteria for evaluating capper sites

In order to evaluate a privateer site, the following criteria and rules must be applied.

General rules. Capper must:

Warn the client about the risk of betting;
Give the client all the information about the services provided.
Capper should not:
Guarantee profit by misleading the customer;
Offend customers or third parties;
Declare that he is the organizer of the match-fixing or knows the persons who do it;
Delete negative customer comments about lost bets;

When subscribing to forecasts, capper does not have the right:

Close your subscription until your obligations are fully fulfilled. If the client violated the subscription rules and received a ban, then the money should be returned in proportion to the fulfilled share of obligations;
Not to refund money for an unfulfilled share of obligations if the fact of gross violation of the subscription rules by the client is proven, for example, resale of forecasts;
Ask the client for an additional fee for mailing in excess of the original agreement.
Customers with the same subscription plan should receive the same forecasts;
At the time of sending out forecasts, the coefficients must completely coincide with the real ones;
According to forecast statistics:

The capper should not edit its forecasts:
Provide false information to customers about the statistics of the patency of forecasts;
Publish statistics of all subscriptions in the public domain.
On the promotion of capper accounts:

Must not guarantee 100% profit to the client providing him with an account for promotion;
He is obliged to return the money to the client if he promised to do it in case of unsuccessful promotion of the account.
Let’s sum it up in one sentence

If a person has a sore arm or leg, he goes to the doctor, if a car breaks down, he goes to an auto repair shop, if a house is on fire, he calls the firemen, and in betting, sometimes it’s worth trusting professional privateers to optimize your income from bets and get maximum profit.